• Project Name: Rooftop PV Solar System
  • Project Size: 10.89kW
  • Panels: 33 SILFAB SLA 320M
  • Location: Norwood Young America, Minnesota
  • Commissioned: 2020
In the midst of Xcel Energy territory, this home’s 10.89kW solar energy system produces enough electricity to offset 100% of the family’s annual electrical use, and over time will provide 61% in energy savings overall. Designed with the powerful SILFAB SLA 320m panels with SolarEdge Technologies Inverters producing over 10,563 kWh its first year, coupled with SolarEdge Inverter and Monitoring system, our homeowners can enjoy witnessing real time clean energy production.
Project Specs Hefty environmental benefits gained with this system’s top-tier SILFAB SLA 320M panels produce enough clean energy kW’s equivalent to sequestering as much carbon as 8.51 forested acres per year or offsetting the same carbon emissions as 24,743 vehicle miles per year. The Federal Solar Tax Credit saved $9,510. from the system price. Xcel Energy Rewards total over $10,314. With increase in the home’s property value by approximately $12,680. Saving money, saving the earth, simply smarter.