• Project Name: New Construction Residential Solar
  • Project Size: 8.03kW
  • Panels: 22 SOLARIA PowerXT-365R-PD
  • Location: Carver, Minnesota
  • Commissioned: 2020
Designed with solar electricity as a key element, this 8.03kW solar energy system was built in to offset over 113% of the family’s electrical needs and will save over 70% on energy costs overall. Our forward-thinking family was inspired to include this clean energy producing system for both its environmental benefits and the many energy cost savings. Used were the powerful SOLARIA PowerXT-365w panels paired with the workhorse SolarEdge Technologies Inverter and Monitor showing real time production.
Project Specs The dramatic environmental benefits with this system’s top-tier Solaria 365w panels create enough clean energy kW’s that are equivalent to offsetting as much carbon as the burning of 8,633 coal pounds per year or as driving 19,129 vehicle miles per year. Xcel Energy Rebates add to our Homeowner’s savings by $7,973. with additional Net Metering at the retail rate. And the property increased in value immediately by $9,540. in equity with a solar system, in addition to its levelized cost of electricity built right in, saving money, saving the earth, simply smarter.