Xcel Energy's Solar*Rewards 

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Fill in the form above and let us help you see if Solar is Right for you and your home with Xcel's Solar*Rewards program.

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We will assist you in navigating the program, completing needed paper work and reserving your funds before the program expires.

With Xcel Energy's Solar*Rewards
You can go green with a bonus.

Available for your Home 

The Solar*Rewards program is a great 

opportunity to help you reap financial 

benefits by producing your own electricity

with solar power.

Incentivized Program

Solar*Rewards  is an incentivized program that pays the homewoner for the solar electricity that is produced in exchange for Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).

Get Bonus for What you Produce

The Solar*Reward net metering program will credit your bill paying you for excess energy your system produces that is more than you need.

Multiple Program Options

Solar*Rewards has different program options to meet your needs which we will easlily arrange on your behalf. 

Funds are going faster this year than anticipated and you don't want to miss out.