The mission of Optimum Energy Group is to provide a custom and affordable solar installation through an accommodating online buying experience while dedicating ourselves to giving back and pushing the evolution of renewable energy forward.

Optimum Solar

One of the premier in home solar providers-Optimum Energy Group founded in 2019 by Matt Crowell has been involved in the solar industry since 2012. In that time, it’s overseen the sale and installation of over 10 Megawatts of in home solar power across multiple states. In addition to an experienced solar team, Optimum Energy Group partners with several installers and distributors to ensure you’re receiving the best product, service, and pricing in your area.
Seeing a need in the industry for a more accommodating in home solar buying experience, Matt created Optimum Energy Group with that goal in mind.
We provide a straightforward solution truly customizable to your home that aligns with your financial and environmental goals. Next, we make communication a priority so you know exactly what to expect throughout the process. Lastly, for every solar system installation we do, we donate $50 to the give power foundation helping to bring power and water to those in need.
Matt Crowell – Founder
Marshall Manley has been in the solar industry since 2017 after getting his own solar system and falling in love with the industry of renewable energy. Prior to his career in solar and becoming a partner in Optimum Energy Group, he was a marketing representative in the medical device industry for 9 years and graduated from Utah Valley University in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree is Business Management. He speaks fluent Portuguese after living in Brazil for 2 years (2001-2003) on a church service mission and his wife Elaine is from São Paulo, Brazil and they have 4 children together.
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Helping power tomorrow.
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Optimum Solar
was created with 3 goals in mind
Giving Back

Optimum Energy Group believes in giving back and setting an example in environmental sustainability practices. Efforts include eliminating excess paper usage with electronic signature platforms, and reducing carbon footprint by eliminating greenhouse gas emissions created with traditional “in-home” solar consultations.

Optimum Energy Group goes a step further by donating $50 per solar installation completed. Donating to the Give Power Foundation, which provides solar energy solutions to developing regions. Solutions that power food production, clean water through desalination, provide electricity for schools and emergency situations, and help land conservation efforts.

Optimum Energy Group takes great pride in giving back to those in need and appreciates all of our customers aiding in that mission by making the switch to a cleaner and less expensive energy source!

The Best Buying Experience

Eliminating the need for a “High Pressure” sales guy to come to your home to give you basic information and a formal quote, Optimum Energy Group designed a no-pressure, ultra-accommodating consultation platform for its customers.  This streamlined process allows you to get all your questions answered in a way that works best for you, your schedule and your lifestyle.

Let’s face it, some homes are just not a good fit for solar panels. By utilizing modern-day technology Optimum Energy Group provides an extremely accurate solar proposal without ever coming out to your home!

Not sure where to start?

No worries, their interactive process and FREE “Buyers Guide”  will get you on your way to understanding if solar is right for you and allows you to prequalify yourself before getting too deep into the research process. Simply click on the Online Buying Process tab above to find out if solar, and Optimum Energy Group is right for you!

Affordable Pricing

Optimum Energy Group believes not only that Solar is a great investment, but that solar is a part of the solution to resolving climate change!

At Optimum Energy Group, the goal is to make solar accessible to as many people as possible. The belief is that in order for the majority of people to start utilizing solar, it must be affordable. To make that a reality, Optimum Energy Group utilizes a network of strategic partnerships all over the United States to reduce the cost of solar making it affordable to the everyday consumer.

The mission is simple-streamline the process so that it’s easy, transparent, and cost-effective for customers while maintaining the integrity of customer service and quality that all our customers deserve.