MN Power Customers: Incentives Available!

MN Power is Paying You to Go Solar!


But you have to act now.


There are still huge incentives to go solar! You can save thousands off the cost of a solar system, which will save you thousands on power over the next 30 years!


Optimum Energy Group will do all the paperwork to get you the very best deal possible.


Whether you're looking for the lowest payment, the lowest system cost, or the biggest lifetime savings, we got you!


You've been thinking about solar power for a while now, but weren't sure when you could get the best deal. Here it is! Now is your chance to save thousands on your home solar system. 


Incentives and rebates like these won't last long so CLICK below to get your FREE solar savings proposal and find out how much you can save. There's no obligation, but if you miss this opportunity, it's gone.

Lower the Cost of Solar

MN Power's SolarSense program is helping make solar a more realistic option for customers like you by providing rebates to reduce the upfront costs of installing solar. When you add in the government tax credits and our  ZERO money down options, you can start saving instantly! 

ACT Now! Don't Wait

Federal, state, and local incentives are here now for you to save BIG on your solar PV system for your home or business. We'll do all the heavy lifting to make sure you get every deal possible! Contact us TODAY to get started!

Northern Minnesota's Most Trusted Solar Provider

Optimum Energy Group has partnered with leading solar provider Belknap Electric to ensure that your system is installed and backed by a realiable and trusted provider who's been around since 1933! With Optimum Energy Group and Belknap Electric you'll know you're in good hands. 

Want to Learn More?

Click below to get your application in early and secure your spot. Click here to visit MN Power to learn more about their rebate program.

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