• Rooftop Residential Solar
  • Project Size: 5.94 kW
  • Panels: 18 SILFAB SIL330BL
  • Location: Chaska, Minnesota
  • Commissioned: 2021
Positioned on the home’s clear southwest roof, Optimum Energy Group assisted our homeowner in maximizing their electricity production generating 8,114 kWh their first year! This mighty 5.94 kW solar energy system produces well over 100% of the family’s electrical use with renewable solar energy!  The excess electricity produced by their solar energy system is fed back into the utility grid increasing the utilities renewable energy mix and earning our homeowner added Net Metering dollars. Environmental benefits from this Chaska, Minnesota rooftop mounted solar array is equivalent to sequestering as much carbon as planting 911 trees, as well as produces enough clean energy kW’s to offset the greenhouse gas emissions from 101 long haul flights and eliminating 87,963 vehicle miles.  This solar array avoids 5 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere per year.  
Project Specs On the financial side, Chaska Utilities PBI Performance Based Incentive provided $1782. In renewable energy money.  And a quarter of the cost of the solar array was covered by the 26% Solar Federal Tax Credit.  Additionally, there was no state sales tax related to the installation or equipment used, as Minnesota waives this sales tax for renewable energy projects. Way to go Minnesota and congratulations to our homeowner!