• Project Name: Residential Rooftop Solar Array
  • Project Size: 10.59kW
  • Panels: 29 SOLARIA PowerXT-365R-PD
  • Location: Belle Plaine, Minnesota
  • Commissioned: 2020
Interested in both savings and environmental carbon offsets, this 10.59kW solar energy system produces 120% of the Homeowner's electrical energy use.  Featuring the powerful SOLARIA PowerXT-365w panels which produce 12,605kW hours its first year.  The SolarEdge Technologies monitor continuously shows real time production and offsets.      
Project Specs The game changing environmental benefits with this system’s top-tier Solaria 365w panels produce enough clean energy kW’s that are equivalent to sequestering as much carbon as 7.12 forested acres per year or offset the carbon emissions as driving 20,697 vehicle miles per year. And the financial benefits are major as this solar array saves 68% in energy costs for the Homeowner over time, with an estimated $13,600. savings over 10 years. Xcel Energy Rebates add to this savings by $8627. with additional Net Metering at the retail rate. And the property increased in value by $10,697. in equity, saving money, saving the earth, simply smarter.