• Project Name: Residential Rooftop Solar Energy
  • Project Size: 19.47kW
  • Panels: 59 SILFAB SIL330 BL
  • Location: Chanhassen, Minnesota
  • Commissioned: 2020
Amidst a gorgeous residential neighborhood this lovely family’s home features a large solar energy system that is designed to offset 84% of the household electric bill.  Overproducing in the Summer with a draw down on the Winter, the 59 sleek black SILFAB 330BL panels bundled with the dependable Solar Edge Technologies Inverter and Monitor.  The family can view their solar energy system’s real time production to the individual panel.  
Project Specs Inspired to protect the earth and offset emissions, the resulting environmental benefits with this cutting-edge solar array creates enough clean energy kW’s that are equivalent to offsetting as much carbon as the burning of a whopping 19,280 coal pounds per year or sequestering as much carbon as 14.70 forested acres per year, or as driving 42,723 vehicle miles per year. Wow! The beautiful home increased in value immediately by $18,511. in equity with the addition of their solar system, in addition to earning for the Homeowner a 26% Federal Tax Credit of over $14,000. Saving money. Saving the earth. Simply smarter.