Solar panels aren’t just for residential rooftops. Businesses that own their building can realize huge savings with a solar power system. 

INCREASED ASSET VALUE: Commercial solar panel installations have been shown to potentially increase the value of your assets and give your business an 8-12% annualized return.

FLAT RATE: As a business owner, you know that electricity is one of the largest expenses you have every month. With a commercial solar system, you can lock in your business’s electrical expense at a fraction of your current electricity price.

BATTERY BACKUP: A system installed in conjunction with a battery will give your business backup power that will keep you up and running 24/7 and at the fraction of the cost of a generator. Keep the lights on even when it’s dark outside.

How Does Solar Benefit Your Business?

Save Money

Business owners know that controlling expenses is key to your company’s success. Going solar can save you money instantly with tax incentives and rebates that make right now the best time to take control of your power bills.

Save The Planet

Sleep better at night knowing you’ve done your part to protect the environment and reduce your business’ carbon footprint. By unplugging from polluting power plants and relying on the clean energy of the sun, you’re doing the right thing for your bottom line, and for the planet.

Lock In Your Costs

Power companies are always “adjusting” their rates, and we all know they never go down. With a solar power system installed on your building, you can lock in a predictable monthly payment that won’t go up. Save hundreds on one of your biggest monthly expenses by investing in solar today.

Serving Northern Minnesota for 90 Years

Optimum Solar Group has partnered with the most trusted name in electricity in Northern Minnesota for nearly a century. Our partnership with Belknap Electric means that you are getting a commercial solar installation that you can trust. In business since 1933, Belknap will be around to provide any service or answer any questions that may arise. You’ll never have to worry about your solar system partners vanishing overnight. We’ve been here for 90 years, we plan to be around for 90 more.