About Our Solar Partnerships

Optimum Energy Group has partnered with leading solar providers such as SunRun, Vivint Solar, Wolf River Electric and Belknap Electric. We are currently in 12 states and utilize local installers in each state.  We have also partnered with several solar specific finance companies, credit unions, and banks alike to be able to offer you the latest and greatest finance options. These partnerships enable our customers to have more choices so that we can design the ideal solar solution for their needs and goals.

Member of the MnSEIA

Member of MnSEIA

MnSEIA’s work centers around state legislative lobbying efforts and regulatory implementation. We promote the use of solar energy to serve the public interest, to achieve a sustainable future, and to create family-supporting jobs.

Our Finance Partners & Solutions in Minnesota

We offer several financing options in Minnesota. Based on your specific financial situation and goals, we will be able to determine your best options.

The mission of Optimum Energy Group is to provide a custom and affordable solar installation through an accommodating online buying experience while dedicating ourselves to giving back and pushing the evolution of renewable energy forward.
Matt Crowell
Founder | Optimum Energy Group