• Project Name: Carver Family Rooftop Solar
  • Project Size: 8.25kW
  • Panels: 25 SILFAB 330BL
  • Location: Carver, Minnesota
  • Commissioned: 2020
Our Carver family is part of a growing number of neighbors who have all had solar electricity systems installed on their rooftops! This super productive 8.25kW solar energy system produces well over half of the family’s electrical use powering their home with green energy all day long!  The families new solar array has an estimated 12,375kW hours first year estimated output viewable in real time on their Solar Edge Monitoring system. The impactful environmental benefits from this Minnesota rooftop mounted solar array include producing enough clean energy kW’s to offset the greenhouse gas emissions from burning 9170 coal lbs. per year or eliminating 20,320 vehicle miles per year, a huge boost for the environment!
Project Specs And on the financial side, more than half of the total installed cost of this solar system was offset by solar incentives including the 26% Solar Federal Tax Credit which offset the system price by over $6500. and Xcel Energy Solar Rewards of over $8469. over 10 years. And this beautiful home increased in estimated value by $10,582. in increased equity.