• Project Name: Rooftop Solar Energy System
  • Project Size: 4.29k
  • Panels: 13 SILFAB 330BL
  • Location: Apple Valley, Minnesota
  • Commissioned: 2021
Inspired by both cost savings and environmental benefits with carbon offsets, this 4.29k solar energy system produces 100% of our Homeowner's electrical use.  This solar energy system features the powerful SILFAB 330BL panels producing 6082kW hours its first year.  Included is the SolarEdge Technologies monitor showing green energy production in real time.      
Project Specs The top notch environmental benefits with this system’s top-tier Silfab 330BL panels produce enough clean energy kW’s that are equivalent to offsetting the carbon emissions as driving 9,987 vehicle miles per year or offsetting the burning of 4,507 coal pounds per year. And the financial benefits are impressive as this rooftop solar array saves 57% in energy costs for the Homeowner over time, and the property increased in value by $5.054. in equity.  Congratulations on saving money, saving the earth, simply smarter!