• Project Name: Residential Solar Electricity System
  • Project Size: 9.9kW
  • Panels: 30 SIL330BL
  • Location: Savage, Minnesota
  • Commissioned: 2021
Sporting modern, sleek black Silfab Solar panels, Optimum Energy Group helped our homeowner maximize their solar electricity production generating 12,614kWh their first year! This neat 9.9k solar energy system produces a majority of the family’s electrical use powering their appliances, computers, televisions throughout the day with renewable solar energy!  The excess electricity produced by their solar system is fed back into the utilities grid increasing the utilities renewable energy mix. The dramatic environmental benefits from this Savage, Minnesota rooftop mounted solar array is equivalent to sequestering as much carbon as 7.13 forested acres per year, as well as produces enough clean energy kW’s to offset the greenhouse gas emissions as burning 9,347 coal lbs. per year and eliminating 20,712 vehicle miles per year. These carbon offsets create a substantial benefit for our climate!      
Project Specs Additionally, this gorgeous home increased in estimated value by approximately $10,305. as solar homes are cheaper to operate, making them more valuable.