You deserve a comfortable home without
worrying about high energy bills.

Enjoy warmer winters and cooler summers, without breaking the bank.

You deserve the peace of mind that comes when you can set your home thermostat for the temperature that keeps you happy and comfortable, instead of the one that's going to keep your bill down. We will check your home for all kinds of energy savings—from insulation to windows, from air sealing to solar power—and recommend a custom package of energy efficient upgrades. And with Government-funded incentives and utility rebate programs, it could cost a lot less than you think.

Do something good for the environment, for your wallet, and for your family.

Powered by the Sun

Solar power offers a sustainable and renewable source of electricity that leads to a more energy-efficient home. By reducing reliance on grid electricity, installing solar panels can cut down on energy consumption and costs.


An energy efficient home reduces carbon emissions, leaving you with a smaller carbon footprint. Do your part to combat climate change, and help us leave a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Make Your Home Comfortable

Heat and cool your home to your ideal indoor temperature, and rest assured that you’re doing so in a responsible and cost-efficient manner. You deserve a home you feel good in.

Keep More Cash In Your Pocket

Energy inefficiency is like letting money seep out the cracks in your house. You’ll save on your gas and electric bills, and with government and utility rebates, your upgrades will cost you less than you might think.

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Solar Power

Save money and reduce your impact on the environment while increasing the comfort of your energy efficient home. See how much you can save with solar from Optimum Energy Group.

Energy Upgrades

Our energy experts will audit your home to find out where your comfort and dollars may be literally seeping through the cracks. Then we'll give you a custom plan to get you back on track.