Save as much as $67,000 with solar from Optimum Energy Group and Belknap Electric.

Take Control of your POWER!

Say hello to a more sustainable future.

Say goodbye to increasing power bills.

The state of Minnesota is an emerging leader in the fight to combat climate change, with its strong renewable energy mandates and incentives. Homeowners that install solar power systems on their property can enjoy substantial incentives and rebates offered by their utility company, tax credits from the federal government, tax exemptions from the state of Minnesota the benefits of a strong net metering program, and of course the great feeling of using the power of the sun to power your home.


Take control of your power,  your impact on the environment, and your independence from ever increasing electricity costs!

Optimum Energy Group has partnered with leading solar provider Belknap Electric to ensure that your system is installed and backed by a realiable and trusted provider who's been around since 1933! With Optimum Energy Group and Belknap Electric you'll know you're in good hands. 

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