Slash energy bills with solar.

Fight back against ever-increasing power bills.

Harvest free sunlight to power your life

Regulators in Minnesota just raised rates 9.5% in January 2023. Minnesota Power customers can expect to see higher energy bills this summer as these rates take effect. With a solar power system from Optimum Energy Group, you can take control of your power bill once and for all. Harness the power of free sunshine to energize your daily life, and have one predictable, low energy payment for decades to come.


Take control of your power,  your impact on the environment, and your independence from ever increasing electricity costs!

Optimum Energy Group has partnered with leading solar provider Belknap Electric to ensure that your system is installed and backed by a realiable and trusted provider who's been around since 1933! With Optimum Energy Group and Belknap Electric you can rest easy knowing that you're doing good for the planet, and your installation is in good hands.

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